5 Behaviors That Can Cause the Need for Cataract Surgery in The Future

Many of us wish to have a perfect vision without going for cataract surgery throughout our lifetime. Do you? I am not expecting you to want for something lesser. But, having a sharp vision is not achieved merely by a wish. You would have to be deliberate about keeping your eyes from dangers. That could mean you would have to stop getting involved in some eye-straining activities that damage the eye lens and cause cataracts.

Additionally, you would have to stop exposing your eyes to substances that can affect the health of your eyes. More than that, you must be conscious of avoiding every behavior that affects the health of your eyes. For clarity, let me be the one to tell you that not every activity that damages the eyes directly involves the eyes. Some don’t have anything to do with your face; they first affect the body’s health and later crawl upward to damage the eyes and turn you into a cataract surgery patient.

So, what are those eye-damaging behaviors that may put you at the risk of having cataract surgery in the few months or years to come? That’s what you will learn in this article. You will discover five everyday things that can drastically affect your vision in the list below. What’s more interesting in this list is that most people don’t take many cautions to avoid the listed behaviors. Are you also a victim? Let’s go and do some mind-opening explanations.

5 Things That Can Put You at The Risk of Cataracts Surgery in The Future  

1. Walking In The Sun Without Sunglasses

Can you be honest? How much do you use sunglasses when walking or standing in the sun? Do you even have a pair of sunglass? How often do you use it? If you can answer the preceding questions without bias, you will know how safe your eyes are from cataract surgery. 

Walking in the sun without a UV-protective sunglass can increase your chance of having cataract surgery a few months or years later. Based on the National Eye Institute report, over half of the people above 75 years enroll for cataract surgery. Most of those victims start to experience eye defects after 40 years. Sunlight is an arch-enemy of the eyes, but many people don’t know it. On the other hand, some know, but they lack the discipline of wearing sunglasses, which later make them victims of cataracts.

Suppose you are among those that consider sunglasses to be more of a fashion item than functional. In that case, it’s time to change your mindset. As a word of notice, if you want to avoid being a cataract surgery patient, your sunglass must be UV-protective. 

Aside from the harmful unseen sunrays, UV-protective sunglass can reduce the risk of developing eye diseases such as photokeratitis, pterygia, macular degeneration, pinguecula, and even cataracts. 

Children’s eyes are more sensitive to sun rays. It quickly damages their retina and puts them at the risk of developing eye diseases that would later call for cataract surgery. Hence, you must ensure your children wear sunglasses whenever they step outdoors. 

2. Smoking

That might not be good news for smokers, but it is a notable sign of warning. Without bias, studies have proven that smokers are liable to develop some severe eye diseases such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome. Aside from that, smoking has long been a sure cause of lung cancer and heart diseases. Though many people who love smoking don’t realize how much damage it can have on their eyes, smoking can completely lose vision.  

One good way to avoid being a cataract surgery patient is to avoid smoking. Smokers are more likely to develop cataracts within a few years of active smoking. Pathetically, people hanging around smokers are also prone to develop more AMD than non-smokers staying afar from smoking. So, if you want to keep your eyes healthy and stay clear from cataract surgery, you would have to quit smoking and stay away from smokers, at least when they are in the act.

For addicted smokers, it can almost be impossible to quit smoking. If you are ready, you may have to see your doctor, who will suggest the proper procedure according to your health conditions.   

3. Using Steroids

Are you a bulky weight lifter with a passion for getting bigger? I suggest that you get your muscles through a constant fitness training regimen and weight lifting with a proper diet. Going the other way round may land you in serious trouble. Is that the other way round? Yes! Some of the heavy-looking folks got so big using steroids which is an absolute illegal practice. 

Steroids are substances in the form of the male sex hormone testosterone. Of course, they can be recommended for legitimate medical uses. Your doctor may sometimes prescribe anabolic steroids to cure certain internal diseases or solve other medical issues. However, no doctor would prescribe steroids to build muscles. Even if you use it for other medical issues, it is illegal if not prescribed by your doctor. 

One of the side effects of using steroids illegally is that it puts you at the risk of developing cataracts or other relat5ed eye problems which may require cataract surgery in the future. Meanwhile, the illegal use of steroids can damage your vision and pose other severe health conditions to your body. Also read about Common FAQs about cataract removal by clicking here.

4. Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy, as mentioned in the point above, can be the reason you go to the hospital for cataract surgery. Though, it takes time to develop. Bit, once it matures, it becomes a problem for the eyes and the whole part of the body. 

Diabetic retinopathy happens when blood sugar rises and damages the blood vessels in your retina. When that happens, the affected blood vessels begin o swell and leak, which may stop blood flow or cause blurry vision.

5. Excessive Radiation Exposure 

Exposing your eyes to excess radiation from lights can damage your eyes. If your work requires looking at screens of gadgets like phones or computers for long hours, you may have to go for cataract surgery in the nearest future. The best way to avoid that is always to wear antiglare glasses when looking at any screen, including television.


The above-listed behaviors can damage your eyes severely and make you a candidate for cataract surgery. Meanwhile, the good news is that they are pretty avoidable. To keep your eyes in a perfectly healthy condition for a long time, you must take caution and be deliberate to adhere o the instructions. If you have been addicted to any of the behaviors listed above, you can speak to your doctor for helpful tips on developing a new habit of protecting your eyes every time.