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What Can I Blog About?

I was asked recently by an blogger for ideas of what to blog about, so I thought I would share my thoughts with everyone here!

First you should know who your audience (your target market) is. The main categories I can think of are:

  • AT students (either yours or in general)
  • People who know nothing about AT
  • People in a specific niche, e.g. actors, runners, etc.
  • Other AT teachers

In general the best blog posts are personal, educational and/or entertaining. In my opinion blog posts should not be directly selling your services.

What Can I Blog About?

If you sometimes have trouble knowing what to blog about, here are some ideas I have come up with:

  • Your own story/journey with the Technique
  • Explanations/examples of AT ideas/principles
  • Comparisons of AT with other disciplines
  • Ways AT benefits/addresses specific conditions, e.g. back pain, RSI
  • How AT aids performance, e.g. stage fright, stage presence
  • Ways AT has helped you doing a specific activity, e.g. walking, working at the computer, dancing, running, playing an instrument, washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, etc. etc.
  • Addressing questions you have been asked by students/people who want to know about AT
  • What is the AT? / What the AT is not!
  • Journaling your progress with the Technique (esp. AT pupils/students and trainees)
  • About an AT procedure – e.g. Constructive Rest, Whispered Ah
  • About AT and new research/developments in science, medicine…
  • A response to current article or news item
  • Book/product review

If you have other suggestions, please use the comments below. Of if you would like to see blogs on a certain subject, please let us know that too!